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Welcome to Warsaw! We will try to keep you busy during the Congress, but here are just a few tips on the life in town.


Venues: They are conveniently marked for you on the map, but don't be confused by main campus of University of Warsaw – our venue is not there. Dobra 72 street is just by the new University Library, 10 minutes walk down from the campus.


Transport: the 20 minutes ticket costs 3,40 PLN, the 75 minutes ticket cost 4,40 PLN and allows you to change means of transport. You can get tickets at numerous automatic booths as well as in any kiosk (ask for bilet). You have buses, trams and metro to choose from. The Palace of Culture and the PME Museum are within reach of the ŚWIETOKRZYSKA metro station, the quickest way to reach the University at Dobra Str. is to get off at the NOWY ŚWIAT-UNIWERSYTET and stroll some 10 minutes down.


Cuisine: be sure to try beetroot soup (barszcz) or its wheat version (biały barszcz), dumplings (pierogi) of various tastes, bigos (with is cooked sauerkraut with multiple add-ons) and fo rsessart a donut filled with rose marmelade (pączek z różą). If you are a vegetarian you can try some popular dishes in Green at Szpitalna or fancy ones at Bar Studio in the Palace of Culture. Don't miss out the chocolate cafe WEDEL at Szpitalna 8. It is also a tremendous chocolate shop.


Shopping: While on it you have a decent mall ZŁOTE TARASY just outside of the Palace of Culture, the Marszałkowska passage on the other side of the Palace as well as Chmielna and Nowy Świat streets with their boutiques. If you need anything specific, don't hesitate to ask us!


Sight-seeing: We have a 15.00 Saturday English group at the Polish Jew Historical Museum POLIN (voted the best European Musem 2016), but we need to make reservation in advance, so please let us know at once if you are interested. The ticket is 35 PLN. We try to provide you other ideas for some attractions within the programme, but if you find some time, visit the Chopin Museum at Okólnik 1 (just off Tamka street, close to the University) – remember: Warsaw is Chopin's town. If you are interested in the local history, a must for you is the Warsaw Uprising Museum, a little off the centre, but reachable from the RONDO DASZYŃSKIEGO metro station. Plan some time for a stroll in a park: the closest one is Saski Park, a couple of minutes away from the PME Museum. If you have more time on your plate, try to reach Łazienki Park, the most distinguished of them all.


We wish you to enjoy your stay and we are here for you in case of any questions or remarks.