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Part of CID policy is creating city-based Sections that organise and coordinate local events. CID Sections stay in contact with CID Headquarters in Paris and the CID Secretariat in Athens - they facilitate communication between CID and anyone wanting to establish a contact. Members pay an annual fee and can become members of any CID Section.

The section was created in December 2015. The founding members are: prof. Małgorzata Borowska, Agata Ulanowska, PhD., Przemysław Kordos, PhD., and Hanna Raszewska, MA.

The section aims at concentrating all the Polish and especially Warsaw-based CID members as well as at attracting many more new members – to support and strengthen the dancing milieu of Warsaw. 

The first goal for the section was organising the Dance Congress, which for the first time, was held in Poland.

Members of the Section:

prof. Małgorzata Borowska

Olimpia Dragouni, PhD.

Bożena Głodkowska

Anna Grunwald

Agnieszka Jeż

Przemysław Kordos, PhD.

Tomasz Kozłowski

Małgorzata Matuszewska

Irad Mazliah

Michał Mizera, PhD.

Maja Katarzyna Molska

Hanna Raszewska

Agnieszka Sterczyńska

Paulina Święcańska

prof. Irena Argiro Tsermega

Lech Trzcionkowski, PhD.

Agata Ulanowska, PhD.

Iwona Wojnicka

Magdalena Zamorska



CID Varsovie, c/o Przemysław Kordos
Tel. +48 22552 0298 , ext. 120; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
www.WarsawSection.cid-world.org and www.cid-portal.org/cdr